Dr. Leader and Chiropractic

In seeking out a doctor to help with your problems, you may like to know what their hopes and aspirations are for your experience with them.

In my own life experience I have personally suffered and overcome many of the most common spine and joint related issues. This has given me insight and empathy with my patients and allows me to support and encourage them through their difficult and sometimes painful times.

Having spent my earlier years in other fields and finally becoming a chiropractor, I know that this is the right job for me. It gives me such pleasure to see the surprise on my patients faces when I adjust them for the first time, and then again when they come back to me and tell me how much they have improved. To be able to transform the quality of life for a person who is suffering is a gift I do not take for granted.

During my daily patient clinic life, I am committed to giving careful attention to my patient’s story and thoughtful determination in reaching the correct diagnosis, through accurate questioning and specific examination. The treatment is planned and designed individually for each separate patient according to well-tried and tested protocols. Each new patient who arrives represents a new quest to resolve the puzzle of how they originally got into the pain or other symptoms they present to me. Chiropractic is a combination of science, technique and the art of knowing the many variations and possibilities of treatment, which are the most likely to help you regain your full health potential.