Sport Injuries And Chiropractic

Athletes all over the world, whether professional or amateur, beginner or advanced, find themselves sidelined at some stage with injury. Usually these injuries are preventable. Whether it is from not warming up properly before sprinting, an overuse injury playing golf or just poor technique in the gym. Some look for treatment that does not work or that the injury does not respond to, and they are forced to either perform below their optimum level or fight through a pain barrier. Pain killing drugs may allow participation to continue but only continue to ignore a real problem and cover up the symptoms.

Athletes need their body to function as a whole for peak performance and this is exactly where chiropractic and sports is a perfect match. A Chiropractic approach to health sees the body as being integrated and treats the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves in relation to each other. Much like a car, an athlete needs everything functioning in tune with each other to produce the best possible performance. Many top-level athletes, particularly in Australia and America, swear by Chiropractic and most sports teams will have their very own Chiropractor. Chiropractors have even been selected as doctors at the Olympic games, such is the athletes trust in them.

I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.” Tiger Woods

Lance Armstrong

Adjusted twice a day during every one of his seven Tour de France wins.

Two Common Sports Injuries our chiropractors and physiotherapists regularly treat.

Shin Splints

A complaint that is generally described as a lower leg aching pain, shin splints may develop from overuse or incorrect training for sports. This pain will usually become more noticeable when walking and especially when running. The condition develops at the muscle insertion and it is important to have a look at a patients recent exercise history, usually of exercises that include weight-bearing techniques, when understanding the cause of the condition. A Chiropractor will be able to examine both the muscles working in the lower leg and look at the arches of the feet to determine what may be causing this condition. They will also monitor the manner in which your feet hit the ground both walking and running to decide if any technique related factors could be causing or worsening the symptoms. A first step to recovery is to stop the activity which may be causing the injury and replace it with low or non-impact activity such as swimming, cycling or rowing. Our chiropractor may then give specific adjustments to make sure that the rest of the body mechanics, especially pelvic and spinal joints are not inhibiting your running or walking technique. Custom orthotics may also be necessary to support the arches and reduce the stress caused when the foot hits the ground during walking and running.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injuries account for the majority of injuries in sport and athletic activities. As with all muscles, Poor flexibility in these muscles, fatigue, a poor or even lack of a warm-up and weakness in other muscles may all lead to injury in the hamstrings. Your hamstrings can be found at the back of your upper leg running from the back of your knee up to just below your buttocks. A Chiropractor may employ many interventions for athletes to prevent injuries such as exercises to strengthen the hamstrings, manipulation for the correction of any incorrect biomechanics in the lumbar-pelvic region with adjustments and muscle release therapies to increase flexibility and range of movement in that area. It is vital to establish a balance of muscle tension and strength with the antagonistic muscles (quads) and between the left and right side of the body. It is the skill of the chiropractor, which enables the correct diagnosis and treatment of such imbalances.

Patient Testimonial

I am a big supporter of chiropractic treatment. It aims directly at the pain and makes it go away fast. Due to deep friction massage to the origin of the injury, the damaged muscle tissue can rebuild very quickly. In my particular case, I had a badly inflamed biceps muscle just 72 hours before the start of the UAE triathlon season. It was Dr. Pam’s deep friction treatment that made it possible for the muscle to recover within 48hours and be ready in time for the competition, in which I placed highly.

My first triathlon of the season went well despite the injury shortly before the competition. I placed among the top 20 out of nearly 200 competitors. So you can see that your chiropractic rehabilitation held up quite nicely.

A few months back, I was having pain in my Achilles tendons. My training schedule could not continue because of this. It took just a couple of treatments together with precise stretching technique, advised by my chiropractor, and now I am no longer plagued by that problem.

As a competitive athlete, I recommend chiropractic treatment for all athletes, amateur and professional; to prevent and treat muscular damage, maintain muscle strength and flexibility